Securing the Technology

In today's world, when technological development has reached its peak in human history. With end-user devices being placed in the center in almost every aspect of life, the capacities of these devices and central structures serving the end-user, as well as the network infrastructure, should be used efficiently and their resistance to cyber attacks should be increased.

Our Mission

Completion of the digitalization process for industrial devices used in Critical Infrastructures and Production sites, preparation of network models, analysis of areas open to cyber security breaches and taking preventive measures.
It is the design of a safe infrastructure model for the healthy operation of Production, Logistics and Operation processes.


Our Vision

Starting from Gazi M. Kemal Atatürk's principle of raising our nation to the level of contemporary civilizations; It is the design of the technological infrastructures that we have to use in both Information Technologies (IT), Critical Infrastructures and production areas (OT/ICS) so that they cannot be a strategic target.
To serve humanity with contemporary, human-centered, technology-oriented work areas and projects that will not harm nature.

ICS / OT Cyber Security

According to the results of the Digital Security Survey conducted by PwC with cybersecurity experts and top executives from 66

The rate of cyber attacks on large organizations and SMEs has increased by 80%


Primary Sectors We Serve

We are with you as Cbernet in the digitalized world