Our Activities

15th International Conference on Information Security and Cryptology

The 15th International Conference on Information Security and Cryptology was held with the main theme of 'Virtual Reality and Cyber ​​Security' on '19-20 October 2022' at the Republic of Turkey Presidential National Library. Researchers and scientists from various sub-disciplines in the fields of information security and cryptography in Turkey came together at the conference, of which EMO Ankara Branch was among the supporters.


As CBERNET, we came together with industry stakeholders; Our General Manager Gökay TÜRKSÖNMEZ and Field Team Leader Mehmet AKDEMİR also participated in the relevant activity in order to present the Cyber ​​Security intrution experienced in OT/EKS infrastructures and their solution suggestions.


By holding bilateral meetings on the subject, both the studies on the cyber security model of Critical / Strategic Infrastructures and the competencies of global / domestic manufacturers in the relevant field were discussed. The workshop was concluded with the decision to advance mutual talks, considering that cyber security has a lively cycle and especially local solution producers need more field data and experience.