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Adtran and Satelles Offer New Levels of Security for Synchronization Network Infrastructure

24 March 2023

Adtran and Satelles collaboration will enable operators of critical infrastructure to safeguard their timing networks with Satellite Time and Location (STL) technology.


By integrating Satelles’ STL into its Oscilloquartz network synchronization products, Adtran will provide an alternative to GNSS systems or a way to augment them with reliability and security.


With the ability to deliver precise PNT service, even in GNSS-denied applications, STL offers a vital resource for mobile operators, power utility companies, government, scientific research and more.


“We’re pleased to be working with Adtran’s Oscilloquartz division to integrate STL into its portfolio of PTP network timing devices. Together, we’re enabling even more customers to benefit from their game-changing aPNT+ technology,” said Christina Riley, VP and GM of commercial enterprise solutions at Satelles.


“Leveraging LEO signals that are 1,000 times stronger than GNSS, our STL solution is transforming the PNT industry. It’s ideal for providing accurate, reliable timing where GNSS can’t reach, such as indoor locations. And in settings where it is possible to receive GNSS signals, STL complements it with additional PNT services to improve resiliency. Easy and affordable to install, STL also offers new levels of security for synchronization network infrastructure,“ Riley continued.


STL provides augmented and secure backup for GPS or other GNSS by harnessing encrypted signals transmitted via LEO satellites. It ensures timing and location information that is highly precise, robustly secure, and accessible worldwide.


STL is impervious to cyberattacks and is far less susceptible to GNSS vulnerabilities such as signal disruption and manipulation. And because STL signals are up to 1,000 times stronger than GNSS, they can easily reach into buildings and other hard-to-reach locations.


Through its partnership with Satelles, Adtran’s Oscilloquartz division will incorporate these benefits into its end-to-end timing toolkit. What’s more, as well as integrating STL into its grandmaster clocks, it will develop miniature M.2 form factor STL receiver modules for third-party product integration.


“We’re excited to offer Satelles’ innovative STL technology as the perfect addition to our portfolio. Reliable, precise and secure, STL is an excellent source of alternative PNT services that’s ideal for use in situations where distributed PTP is unavailable. It also creates new market opportunities for indoor 5G and data center use cases. By incorporating it into our solutions, we’ll empower operators of mission-critical networks to bring robust timing to the most challenging environments and remove the expense of installing outdoor antennas and coring through concrete,” commented Gil Biran, GM of Oscilloquartz, Adtran.


“This partnership reinforces our commitment to providing the most advanced and reliable network timing solutions available, and we look forward to bringing the advantages of STL to customers around the world,” Biran concluded.